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Fendt Favorit 900 Vario TMS Series V 3.0 Final FS17

Version 3.0 Final Full
Neue Version 3.0 Final Full mit viele Änderungen und bessere Optimierung.
Der Lader auf den Bildern ist im Paket enthalten. Sie müssen nichts auspacken!

– Textur Änderungen, Color, Glanz und Schmutz
– Verbesserte Modell Elemente und Innenelemente
– Neue Dynamischer Schlauch Front-Anschlüsse
– Frontgrill hat eine neue Textur
– Änderung der Konfiguration aller Trelleborg Reifen.
– Neue Michelin Reifen -> 3 Arten von Reifen (Michelin, Michelin XL groß, Michelin XM)
– Neue reale Abgasanlage
– Verbesserte Öffnung der Motorhaube und Motorposition
– Änderungen in der Sitz Rotation (Rufa)
– IC Animation Änderungen
– Möglichkeit, Nummernschilder hinzuzufügen (IC)
– Maschinenbedienfeld hinzugefügt (Veenhuis, Krone, Horsch, Poettinger, Amazone)
– Neue visuelle Konfigurationen (Extra Lichter, Horn Trompeten, Rebo Aufkleber)
– Verbesserung Loader Console
– Hinzugefügt passende Frontlader Fendt
– Visuelle Verbesserung der Lichter
– Bessere Optimierung für Multiplayer
– Und ein paar andere, die ich mich nicht erinnern

Hello all! After a longer break, I presents you new mod, Fendt Favorit 900 Vario Series.

Currently, there is no decent Fendt of this series. Mine is first with large amount of details. Almost all has been programmed from scratch. The cab model comes Fednt 930 Vario by Favorit510™ (thanks for permission), the rest of the model has been edited by me, new AO have been made, textures have been changed and added new washable.

Programming was based on repairing basic functions and adding a lot of new functions (description below), this version is marked as V2 Full.

General Information:
* Produced between 2000-2002
* Fendt Favorit Vario Models: 916, 920, 924, 926
* 4 Engines with power from 180 HP, 210 HP, 240 HP, 270 HP (There is also one more with extra power 305 HP)
* Max Speed 50 km/h
* Fuel Tank: 530L

Function List:
* Interactive Control
* All parts animated, Left, right door, front window, back window, roof window.
* Openable door from outside
* Rufa -> Possibility to reverse the seat and front console to change drive direction
* Foldable Front Hydraulic (remember before attach!)
* Dynamic Hose, Front and Rear
* Animated Joystick
* Animated Steering Console
* Real Exhaust Effect System
* Beifahrer Option
* Frontloader Console
* Foldable Beacon Lights
* Diffrent types of Tires. Normal, Wide, Weights, 2x Michelin Set or dual tires
* 3 Visual Design Models (Normal/Black Beauty/Special Burgund)
* White Grill Configuration
* Openable Bonnet
* RDA (Tire Pressure System)
* Animated hydraulics
* Fenders and Warnings work on IC
* Indoor Sounds
* Changed Cameras
* New Fixed Lights
* Color change to silver for wheels
* Indoor Huds
* Full New Washable
* Many Visual changes

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