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Green Energy in Pure Farming 2018

According to Arnold Schwarzenegger: “The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.” And we’re not going to argue.

In Pure Farming 2018 you can choose to invest in renewable energy – and reap the rewards by selling the energy you produce. Generating solar and wind energy in particular are secure sources of income, since they provide a steady stream of money after you have made the initial investment.

There are three ways to generate green energy in the game:

Biogas Plant

Green Energy in Pure Farming 2018

If you’re keeping livestock then there’s one thing you can guarantee: food’s gonna go in one end and manure will come out the other.
Wet and dry manure is one of your important commodities in the game and you have a few options of what to do with it:

  • Use it to fertilize your fields.
  • Store dry manure in a silo and wet manure in an underground silo.
  • Sell it via the online market using your in-game tablet.
  • Work with a Biogas Plant to generate fuel that you can sell.

Going down the Biogas route means you’ll have to invest money in larger machinery for transporting manure, such as Sipma Spreaders, but you’ll be able to sell the fuel you create for a higher price than plain old manure.

Solar Panels

Green Energy in Pure Farming 2018

Harnessing the power of the sun is really what farming is all about. And today that doesn’t just apply to growing crops. In Pure Farming 2018 you can choose to install solar panels and generate regular income from the energy they produce.

Wind Turbines

Green Energy in Pure Farming 2018

Wind turbines are a ubiquitous feature of the modern country landscape. If you choose to add them to your land in Pure Farming 2018 you will generate regular income – even more so than with solar panels, although you’ll have to take the higher installation costs into account.

Pure Farming 2018
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